SEMMEA Choral Officers

Junior High Choir

Arika Winborne

Jackson Junior High School

210 N. West Lane

Jackson, MO 63755

Phone: (573) 243-9533


High School Choir, Grades 9-10

Lisa Lewis

Fredericktown R-1 High School

805 East Highway 72

Fredericktown, MO 63645

Phone: (573) 783-3628


High School Choir, Grades 11-12

Beth St. John

Jackson High School

315 South Missouri

Jackson, MO 63755

Phone: (573) 243-9513


Junior High School

JH All-District Choir

The 2022-2023 SE All-District Junior High School Choir auditions will be submitted online and performances will be in-person this school year.

Junior High District Choir Audition Process

District Choir Audition Elements:

  • There is no limit to how many 7th & 8th grade students you may have audition for the All-District Choir. However, please only allow those who are worthy of attending to audition. We expect our students to sing well, but we also expect excellent behavior for the benefit of all. This is an honor and should be treated as such.

  • The audition needs to consist of a ‘quality’ recording in an MP3 file format of your student(s) being given the starting pitch and singing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” a cappella. Starting pitches*:

    • Soprano: G above middle C

    • Alto: E above middle C

    • Tenor: A below middle C

    • Bass: Eb below middle C

*Your students must audition in the correct key in order to be considered.

  • Students will not demonstrate on the audition, but the teacher will need to indicate the student’s highest and lowest notes in their range. (Not the highest they can squeak out but the note they can sing comfortably.)

  • Judges will listen to recordings and submit adjudication scores electronically. The audition sheet the judges will use will be the same as the High School audition sheet. The students will be judged on tone quality, intonation, rhythm & note accuracy, diction and musical effect.

  • There is a $10 audition fee for each student. Checks can be made to SEMMEA and received NO LATER THAN Thursday, September 22nd.

    • Jackson Jr. High School

c/o Arika Winborne

210 N West Ln

Jackson, MO 63755

  • If you would like to purchase medals for students who make the choir, they are $5 each and can be purchased in advance or on the day of All-District Choir in November. If you bring one check for grades 7-12, please specify how much is going to JH and how much is going to HS.

  • Because this is an auditioned event, it is sanctioned through MSHSAA and your school must be a MSHSAA member or affiliate school and have “Music Activities” listed for your Jr. High approved sports and activities tab. You can confirm this through your athletic/activities director and/or principal if you are unsure. Make certain that the school your 7th/8th grader is attending is a part of the sanctioning. Sometimes there are high school only sanctioned districts, so PLEASE check and ask to be added through MSHSAA if your school is not. You can become an affiliate member for about $150/year.

  • Selected students will rehearse all day and perform at Cape Central High School on Saturday, November 12th.

  • There will also be two optional rehearsals at Jackson High School for anyone interested in bringing your students. Rehearsal will be from 6:00-8:00 PM on October 17th and 24th.

Junior High District Choir Online Audition

Recording Submission Guidelines for Choir Directors

  • Step 1: Familiarize students with the components of the audition.

    • The recording should only contain the student singing.

    • The recording should not contain any speaking or identifying information whatsoever (no name or school).

    • Recordings must be submitted in MP3 file format only.

    • It is the choir directors responsibility to check the recordings for quality before submitting.

    • Identifiable information will only be shared with the District Choir Coordinator. The audition process is a blind audition process.

    • Recordings should be unedited, defined as a recording that receives no pitch or rhythm accompaniment and no studio enhancement or alteration of any type through post-production efforts.

  • Step 2: Establish a process for you (director) to gather the required information and recordings. In addition to the .mp3 file, you will need to have each student’s:

    • first and last name

    • grade level

    • voice part

    • birth date (MM/DD/YYYY)

    • school name

  • Step 3: Set a deadline for students to submit audition recordings to you (their director).

  • Step 4: Collect and RENAME each individual recording file.

    • Files are to be named in the following format:

      1. S.03152007.mp3 (VoicePart.BirthdateMMDDYYYY.mp3)

    • Recordings must be submitted in MP3 File Format only.

    • Note that iOS voice memos do not export as .mp3 files, and will need to be converted.

  • Step 5: Complete the Audition Submission Google Form for EACH student by the Thursday, September 22nd deadline. This form will end in a file submission, so be ready with the renamed files prior to completing the form. You only need to add your phone number for ONE student. This form should not be completed by the student.

  • Step 6: A Submission Could Be Disqualified If:

    • A recording file is submitted with identifying information.

    • A recording file is not named in the correct format (See Step 4).

    • A recording file is not submitted in the correct MP3 File Format.

    • A recording file is edited in post production.

  • Step 7: Please also complete the Teacher Preference Form should no students from your school make the choir based on their audition. We want at least one student from each school represented. This year we have decided to allow teachers to choose TWO students in the preference form. If sending in two names, please list them in the order that you would like them selected. (i.e. If one student from your school makes the honor choir via their audition score, we would select your first student preference to ensure two representatives from your school.)

Checklist Recap:

  • Registration/Audition upload Form via Google Form (You will have to submit this form for EACH auditioner)

  • Send Audition Fee ($10 per auditioner)

  • Teacher Preference Form

  • Deadlines: All registration forms with audio submissions and the $10 audition fee must be received by midnight on Thursday, September 22nd. Late submissions will not be considered. Results will be announced as soon as possible the following week.

Recording Tips

  • This website is a free open-source website that can be accessed from your computer, iPad, Chromebook, or phone. It has a simple layout and when finished recording you can click "download" (make sure to download and NOT just hit the share/email option). The file will automatically save to your device as an mp3.

  • Voice Recording Apps: There are numerous apps that allow you to record mp3's to your phone. I use one called "Voice Recorder Pro." It automatically saves files as an .m4a file but has a built-in converter that can save the files as an mp3. A quick search in my app store (I have an iphone so I'm not sure exactly what's available for android users) for "mp3 voice recorders" turned up several different apps.

  • Voice Memos on iPhone: Voice memos (a built-in feature) on the iPhone cannot be saved as mp3s. However, they can be converted. See this article for more details.

  • There are many other recording options out there. Check with your technology person in your school or district as I am sure they will be more than happy to help. If you have any other platforms or tips that have worked well for you please share them. Our motto this year has been "work smarter not harder" and we could all benefit from each other's experience!

High School

HS All District Choir

2022 All District Information -PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK

Registration Information: (deadline to register your students is Wednesday, Sept. 14th)

1. Fill out the SE All-District Audition Student Registration Form and register your students grades 9-12 that will be participating in the in-person auditions on Saturday, Sept. 24th at Cape Central HS and also fill out the Teacher Form to finish your registration.

2. Read through the SE MCDA Audition information page, with all the details and COVID related information related to this year's auditions. Failure to read, understand, and abide by this information may result in disqualification of your singers.

3. Send payment ($10 per student) made out to SEMMEA, to Beth St. John, 315 S. Missouri St. Jackson, MO 63755 no later than Sept. 23rd.

*Students will not be allowed to audition if payment is not received prior to the audition date. Money will not be accepted the day of auditions. I must have payment in hand by the deadline - NO EXCEPTIONS! Please communicate this with your Central office so we do not have to turn away students the day of the auditions because payment was not received.

Direct any Junior High questions to Arika Winborne at and any All-State audition questions to Viretta Sexton at

MSHSAA District and State Contest:

All questions can be directed to Tom Broussard about the Spring District and State Contest. Mr. Broussard will be able to answer all questions at